The data stored in memory can be downloaded from their serial communication port "RS232C", or RS485. or simply reading extractable / removable EEPROM memory from any other datalogger. Like for example the DL1CH-PLUV100 or the DL1CH-LIM100 or the DL2CH-2000. For the measurement of Volumes, Speeds, we have developed an instrument that satisfies to the hydrologist and the oil tankers. The CPM-03 Counter is a development to count or frequencies measurement below 1Hz, the accurately of this metering has two decimal digits. The applications for this instruments are, Frequencies Measurement from 0.01Hz to 65535Hz, counter up 65535 pulses, Time Measurement to arriving 30 pulses, Pulses Measurement during 30 seconds, Pulses Measurement during 60 seconds, Average Frequency Measurement in a minute, Wind Speed Measurement with 16 point of Anemometers factors, Volume Measurement by means of PDMeter, Flow Measurement by Turbines etc. All the meters curves data of each one of the instruments could be downloaded from a PC, supporting 500 different instruments. Based on this technology, we have also developed a water speed measuring instrument in opened channels like naturals Rivers. For river speed measurement a hydraulic windlass is used, which that indicates a frequency, and from his calibration card (with 16 points or 16 Kfactors) it is possible to integrate that frequency like a series of speeds or volumes. With a "Guincho-Molinete" windlass and its appropriate counterbalance, it is possible to measure the depth of the river, with his consequent speeds, to store these data in a removable EEPROM memory that from any other Datalogger is possible to lower it to PC. As resulting from this information, is possible to extract the river profile river to be able to determine the proportions to the area and with the river speed the total river flow. This system is denominated System of Automatic Measurement of Hydraulic Speed "SMAVH". Our performances, as much in the Argentine market, like in the Brazilian market, position to us at the present time like a referring one in the tasks of preventive maintenance and/or corrective. In our laboratories already we have given efficient answers for repair high electronics complexity equipments and light mechanics, for example "CPU Scully", "Hyrolec Modules", "Plates of Accuload II", "Plates of ESI-Sorrento Controller", "Plates of CPU GatePack", "magnetic Card readers", "Display POS", "Consoles of Masters Meters", "SetStop Valves", "Meters Prime 4", "Detectors of Level". When we were with the challenge to make calibrations with Meters Masters (GateCity), (some time back we represented "GateCity" in "O.E.A."), we verified that the originating console with the own Masters Meters did not allow us to visualize all the events that were success in each bullfight. We imagined an equipment that can offer us real information of the pulses (A and B), the suitable sequence, the suitable volume, and that alerts to us when some event generates errors in the bullfight. Situations very complicated have always appeared us to solve in the scope of the programming in Assembler de Microprocessors and/or Micro controllers, because the tools of programming are very few available. In fact nowadays these micro controllers in languages like the "C" program themselves that already has important tools of programming. We remembered cases of implementation of mathematical routines of floating point (Everything in Assembler) for micro controller. The objective of these routines is to obtain a precision adapted in some calculations that the equipment must report, without it requires of matrix calculations or complex series. IG Instrumentos is a services company, dedicated to develope electronic instruments and electronic systems however electronics measurement instruments certification, IG Instrumentos groups all the activities that their owners made from 1979 and carried out in the scope of the automation, and deep strongly in Terminal Automation Systems. We development of special electronic instruments for meteorological engineering, for example our Electronic Automatic Evaporimeter Gauge or our Automatic Infiltrometer Gauge, unique in the market. Fortified with own capitals. IG Instrumentos is at the moment a company dedicated to development of new technologies in the scope of petroleum like of hydrology, attending Argentine and Brazilian companies. Our excellent activities in the hydrometric area are the Manufacture of instruments of measurement for example our DataLoggers Monochannels for pluviometers or Rain Gauge Dataloggers and Limnimeters Dataloggers, our pulses counters for very low frequency or VLF, or the Automatic Evaporimeter class "A" tank (electronic), that it works like a meteorological power station with the appropriate control of the volume that evaporates in tank, the measurement of evaporation with a precision of the order of the micrometer, with the calculation of the volumetric expansion of the steel and the expansion of the water contained in the class "A" tank. The Electronic Class "A" tank Automatic Evaporimeter, allows the measurement of evaporation of the water contained, measurement of water evaporation, measurement of evaporation of H2O, automatic measurement of water evaporation in pattern class "A" tank, the Evaporimeter tank or the Automatic Evaporimeter, has a Datalogger of automatic measurement of all variables like the Evaporation of the water, rain fall, solar radiation, ambient humidity, temperature of the tank, low wind speed, and additional high wind speed, high wind direction, humidity of the ground, temperature of the ground, battery level, etc. This Datalogger Allows to maintain approximately 2000 registries all with corresponding date and hour, granting an autonomy around of 2 months in field. In order to contact with us, simply type Gabriel Darío Cores, or Gabriel Cores, or gdcores or gcores in any seeking Web engine, or also you will be able to find our address in Caracas 797, or with our telephone +54 (11) 4631-5620, +54 (11) 4633-4982, in Federal Capital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Or by the name of our company in Argentina like "IG Instrumentos", or in Brazil with "PerezSteel" or "IG Instrumentos" too, with the options of IG, or all together like iginstrumentos, or, IGINSTRUMENTOS or like name of company "IG Instruments srl". Our old friends Joao Ivo Avelaneda de Souza, or Joao Ivo de Souza, or Joao Ivo Souza, or better still IVO, is always motivating us to develop new instruments and new horizons... to him a great hug. ..and other as to Guillermo "Memo" my personal friend.
IG Instrumentos is a services company, dedicated to the electronic development and mensuration instrumental certification, that arranges all the activities that their owners from 1979 have carried out in the automation environment, our highligth are terminal automation systems and special electronic development for the meteorological engineering, hydrology engineering, petroleum engineering. We develope an unique automatic evaporimeter around the world. Strengthened with own capitals, IG Instrumentos is a company dedicated to development of new technologies in petroleum environments and hydrology, attending the best Argentinean and Brazilian companies.
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IG Instrumentos was created in 2002 with the objective to group all the activities that their owners accumulated from year 1979 in areas like the industry of Petroleum, systems SCADA, the telecommunications, Hydrometry, Variable Messages Signs, Power Supplies, and diverse activities within the developments of Electronics Applied to the Industry.

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